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The Apple iPad Pro -- a currently hypothetical machine, but a widely anticipated one -- might be delayed until September
When Apple unveils the iPad Pro later this year (this is rumour #1) it's believed that the Microsoft Surface rival will almost
6. My First Novel You don't want to know about the novel I wrote this year. What's important is the tech I used to do it
As a relative newcomer to the scene, digital art is still jostling to find its place in the art world – and the debate around
The concept of the stylus as artist’s tool is nothing new. From intricate fantasy art to accurate photorealism, the digital
How we think about and treat the environment is a growing concern in the modern world. Thankfully possible solutions to issues
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The European Space Agency’s mission to land Philea on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet sparked Studio Swine’s interest
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Inspired by a mixture of psychedelic art works and skate culture, the Print Techniques swatch features an ‘inky ghost’ loosely
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PAN Studios have a background in changing the way people think about public space. They wanted to take the same reflective
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Some of these I covered in my previous review: Windows 8.1 is an imperfect mess. There are not enough good tablet apps. Etc