middle east peace process

It is over 17 years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement which was meant to usher in a new era of peace, stability
By re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli public has rejected the two-state solution.
Encouraging the Palestinians to accede to the ICC, which they have been eligible to do since attaining Observer State status at the UN in 2012, would introduce an accountability mechanism that would deter future violence. It would also provide an incentive for each side to stay at the negotiating table.
By affirming without ambiguity that both Israelis and Palestinians have equal rights to statehood, international recognition of the State of Palestine can help break this impasse. That is why another amendment tabled by Jack Straw and other senior MPs makes clear that by voting for recognition today MPs will contribute to securing a negotiated two state solution.
So, while the powers-that-be retreat to their various lairs and try to figure out how to stop killing each other long enough to re-stock their arsenals, here's my modest proposal: nobody is right. We are all wrong. Because you know there's another side to the story, and you are completely uninterested in trying to understand it.
Tony Blair has made it clear he will sit with all parties - here with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2012, although
Tony Blair has said religion needs to be put "in its proper place in politics" in order to defeat terrorists who "fight without
Action should be taken against the regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad if Syria does not give up its chemical weapons
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Black and North African workers were excluded from Paris’s main railway station during a visit by Israel’s President amid