‘It’s what the public want’, Boris Johnson’s spokesperson says
Heartbreaking photographs show the Kurdish-Iranian family who paid smugglers for safe passage in the hope of a better life.
Campaigners fear those with "no recourse to public funds" could be left out in the cold even as other homeless people are offered further support.
Home secretary insists "it is right that migrants are financially independent" – but many have no choice because lockdown has left them out of work.
PM says he "will see what we can do to help" during coronavirus crisis, as opposition parties describe comments as "astonishing" and "worrying".
The imminent closure of refugee camps in France may be driving a new wave of refugees.
Venezuela’s descent into chaos, which nearly culminated in an anti-government military uprising, has had profound effects on both sides of the border.
Nine migrants have been detained on a beach in Dover, Kent, after crossing the English Channel in a small boat. The group comprises five men, one woman, two boys and a girl. This is the latest attempt to enter England after at least 43 people, tried to cross the English Channel on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
The five things you need to know about politics today
'It's not that we are against immigrants, not at all.'