mike ashley

A week after Newcastle United banned three newspapers it has emerged owner Mike Ashley has banished the only elected fans
The club we are supporting right now is not Newcastle United. It is a pale imitation of the great club it once was. Until Mike Ashley leaves and takes Kinnear and Pardew we will not see this great club back to where it belongs; showing ambition, playing good football, and exciting the fans with the (ever heartbreaking) possibility that this year will be our year in the cups.
Ashley quite obviously thinks he can remove freedom of information from the equation and Newcastle United fans will take this lying down too. I won't focus on the act of banning newspapers too much. Quite clearly Ashley is feeling the pressure and is reacting in the only way he knows how to - badly.
Whether it be young people selling sports shoes, or carers looking after the elderly, workers in the UK are increasingly being forced into zero-hour contracts. This hasn't happened by accident: it is a product of many years of moving towards a "flexible" labour market, one that in practice means more power for employers over employees.
As an employer in a small business, I fully endorse the use of zero hours contracts to create a more dynamic, responsive workforce. Zero hours contracts make perfect sense. To fulfil the demand for temporary workers in casual positions, they allow the employer to flex their staffing muscle according to the needs of the business and the whims of the customer.
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