Mike Pence

A fly stole the show at the vice presidential debate when it landed on Mike Pence’s hair.
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence went back and forth about the coronavirus pandemic, racism, climate change and more on the vice presidential debate stage.
The California senator responded to Vice President Mike Pence with all the looks.
The pandemic was topic #1 at the vice presidential debate. Kamala Harris responded with some devastating facts.
People on Twitter joked that the bug on the vice president's head during the debate with Kamala Harris should probably get tested for Covid-19.
Who takes over if the president becomes too ill to work? Who else has tested positive in the White House? And what will happen to the election?
The president reportedly delighted that he’d no longer “have to shake hands with these disgusting people" because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The president's former personal attorney warns of last-minute drama between Election Day and the inauguration.
“An ostrich puts his head in the sand because he doesn’t want to see what’s around him. It’s the same thing with Trump.”
The vice president urged state leaders to share the “progress that we are making" while pushing a misleading White House talking point.