Mike Pence

We have to turn up, and keep turning up, and show that we believe equally as hard as they do, and that respect and acknowledgement of the rights of our fellow humans, no matter their skin colour, country of origin, gender, sexuality or whatever differences we may have, are the core values of the society we want to live in. Democracy is the single most important construct our society has ever developed and, whilst it has flaws like everything else, it's beautiful, and it works when we turn up.
In a whirlwind of actions since assuming the Presidency, Donald Trump has implemented a number of controversial decisions
Yes, the Joebama memes have been a highlight of the last stretch of the Obama presidency, but the sincere importance of this unforgivingly loving, respectful and supportive relationship must not be forgotten. As the world watches two intolerant men sworn into leadership of the free world this week, let us remember and celebrate the bromance.
Now, more than ever we need to continue to change the hearts and minds to the side of equality and reject the politics of hate. The resilience of the community is a key strength in our determination to create a world in which every single LGBT person has their freedoms respected - after all, isn't this the safe space you just spoken in favour of upholding, Mr President-elect?
To ignore Trump's Twitter tantrums is to normalise him; his behaviour and his entire project. In a nation based on human rights, an open society, there is nothing "normal" about what may be ahead. Get ready to boo a lot... in more ways than one.
And how he reacted in his second wave of invective: ... serious questions were being asked about unprecedented conflict of
Donald Trump and Mike Pence may try and keep all us women down and take away our rights but I refuse to let him without a fight to the end. This pussy is going to keep fighting back and so can you by donating, even the smallest amount of money will make a difference.
Mike Pence, a staunch abortion rights opponent, is about to be deluged with certificates for donations to America’s biggest