Mike Read

The 80s was a wonderful era for music, as we played a real mix of musical genres, something missing in current radio. From the Jam to Iron Maiden, Madness to the Ramones, Shakin' Stevens to Erasure or Duran Duran to Wham, we played all genres of music. If it was good, it was good, simple as that. We were broadcasting not narrowcasting.
Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on the Ukip 'Calypso song'; their new Holocaust-denying ally in Europe; and Obama's coolness versus Cameron's coolness? Here's the political week in 60 seconds.
Nigel Farage has appeared on BBC Radio 4's World At One to address the furore surrounding the controversial Ukip Calypso
Look at him go… And let us never forget McKenzie's enthusiastic bids to stop the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK, when
We eagerly await the reaction from the other parties. The rather dubious lyrics have been questioned. The irony of using
Tonight's BBC music doc, 'Britain's Most Dangerous Songs: Listen to the Banned', charts the stories of 10 songs, from the