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Scientists have developed a non-Newtonian liquid so effective that when implemented into body armour, can not only stop a
The devices that let us engage with the AR/VR worlds are only part of the equation. Yes, those devices must create a great user experience. But we must understand how people will want to engage; with what they'll want to engage; where they'll want to engage; how they'll want to engage; and for how long.
Concerns have been raised that a mysterious object that Russia put into orbit could in fact be some form of top secret space
Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an algorithm for bounding that they've successfully implemented
A secret unmanned spaceplane operated by the US military is set to return to Earth on Tuesday after almost two years in orbit
This drone has arms. Literal arms. Please, people inventing drones, stop giving them arms. What possible good can come of
Boeing has spent the last 10 years working on a giant laser cannon for the U.S. Army. Well now the company has confirmed
This is the BAE Striker II Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD). It is - put simply - the world's most advanced helmet. The idea
Scientists at Surrey NanoSystems have created the darkest material on the planet. Capable of blocking out 99.96 per cent
Flying unmanned aerial military vehicles is supposed to be easy. Like, playing an Xbox video game easy. The reality is somewhat