Millenial Generation

One thing is for sure, millennials are not like their parents. Or their parents' parents. They've challenged traditional notions of everything from religion, to professions and marriage. And with this disruption, they've pioneered previously unthinkable markets, like the sharing economy and online dating.
The revelation comes from a study by specialist creative agency ZAK, in their research searching for alternative ways to define under 30's other than the usual stereotype favoured by the media of 'millennials.'
Maybe you think millennials are 'snowflakes'? It takes strength to say it's not okay. Their admirable honesty and courageous exploration of mental health and countless interconnecting social issues is a vital antidote to the greed and the brittle facades of the eighties. They place their faith in the power of their voice, not in the size of the padded power-shoulders on their suits.
My interest in the piece quickly dwindled, however, and subsequently deflated like a punctured '30 today' balloon as I read the words 'avo on toast'. All of the women interviewed as source material were lean, mean, white, middle-class, London-dwelling machines. Not a single non-yuppie or 'regional' voice to be heard.
The thing is about a career in entertainment, there are only ever a few people at any one time who are riding high. Everyone else is just standing by the cheese board waiting for their turn.
The generation gap is an open wound which weeps periodically, dependent on the latest national woe. Today, TV reports echo with young voices claiming the oldies have stolen their future. The young are accused of complacency, of lack of interest and low turnout.
In many ways 'millennial-talk' is hyperbole. Taken literally, if I believed everything that has been written about millennials - I shouldn't be writing this. My sense of entitlement would mean that I'd be resigning from my third job to launch a start-up that sells digital mindfulness from a semi-derelict storeroom...
A friend attending COP-21 made the mammoth conference sound like a glorified science fair. "Each country has a pavilion showing what it does in terms of climate change," he described, adding that "the fact that it just looks like another trade show" didn't sit well in his psyche.
Teenagers today are probably the most observed and analysed generation ever. So it's ironic that we're unable to come up
In the last few weeks I've been to Hoxton, at least twice, bought trainers and a lightweight high-performance puffa jacket, adjudicated two short film awards and harvested enough menopausal facial hair to constitute the makings of a fine beard. Do I qualify as a 'hipster'? In fact, what is a 'hipster'?
So here we are, the millennial generation. Those that had our first snog, beer, or fag as the world quaked in the shadow of the millennium bug...
Rather than shrug their shoulders with indifference and powerlessness, young people today are taking it on themselves to transform finance and undermine traditional models of banking which are beginning to look increasingly out-dated.