Favourite to replace Len McCluskey on Millwall, Militant and knowing your turf.
It was a funny old weekend of football. Premier League matches alongside some juicy FA Cup Quarter Finals always dilute the attention and I am not sure we are any the wiser as a result. Mind you, it would take more than a game of football to make me wise, that is for sure.
At Prostate Cancer UK, we recognised a while ago that sport is a great avenue for bringing men together and talking with them about prostate cancer, not just preaching to them from the side lines.
Like Hans Moleman's Man Getting Hit By Football, Harry Redknapp Getting Hit By Football also "works on so many levels". A
Football hooliganism refers to unruly, violent, and destructive behaviour by overzealous supporters of football clubs, including brawling, vandalism and intimidation. Unfortunately, over the past few months we have seen more and more incidents of this nature in Britain...
At primary school, boys in my class would come to verbal and physical blows over it. It left me perplexed, that level of identification. "We" didn't thrash you at the weekend, Arsenal did. You had nothing to do with it as far as I can tell. You aren't Arsenal, or Man City, or whoever. Now that I'm older I can recognize the thought process behind identifying yourself with a larger group. And so it makes sense to me that fans should feel such a way, even if I don't feel it... yet.
Police have arrested three men in dawn raids in connection with violence at an FA Cup match between Millwall and Wigan. The
Twenty eight people have been charged with violent disorder and other offences after an inquiry into clashes between rival
Wigan pulled off a comfortable win over Millwall to take them into the FA Cup final, in a Wembley clash marred by fighting