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The soul is not going to be expressed fully and naturally. It will have to please the world in order to be loved. We all create an ego that is this personality that wants to match the world and we start adopting a lot of judgement from our surroundings.
In 2004 I embarked, somewhat foolishly and naively, on a journey to write a trilogy of books about masculinity. In 2013 the third book was published, I sighed in relief, they had consumed nine years of my life. During the writing hiatuses I would tour a one-man show in which I experimented with concepts and ideas for the books. Those were tough times.
She wanted to be with men who empathized, have emotional intelligence, as well as being content in their masculinity. For many men this sounds like an impossibility - 'butch and caring' - do they fit in the same box?
Back to simplicity is the key. Slowly you will begin to feel what brings you joy and what is bringing your truth to yourself. It's very important to go back to the feeling of being true to yourself. That's what I call the spiritual path: the road back to who you are.
Until recently, I had a dirty little secret. I write horoscopes. Or at least, I used to. Now it's not such a dirty little secret because a) I've just told you and b) there aren't that many horoscope clients left in my portfolio any more, anyway. But back in the day - oh yes.
Are you hoping to embark upon a spiritual and soulful existence? If so you have my encouragement to just give it up, get back to your roots and simply be human.