The morning of the surgery, I sat speaking with my mum. The conversation turned to how many years we all could have left together. In that moment, I felt fear like I'd not felt for a very long time. Not fear of death or loss, rather fear of wasting even one second of this precious life.
Watching the news, regularly checking social media, you'd be forgiven for thinking we're at war. There's so much division
I recently set myself a challenge. Instead of just snapping selfies and pictures randomly I would take a photograph everyday of something that made me happy and grateful. It didn't have to be a staged photograph or something for anybody else to see - just a moment that struck a chord and really made me feel something.
Many of us have at times felt prompted by the desire to focus on becoming the best version of ourselves, to let our light shine brightly and become the brightest ever! It may be at the start of a new year, a special birthday or the sudden realisation that we're not getting any younger. Sometimes it's a 'now or never' impulse.
I am an "amateur" writer who has been writing "on and off " for quite a few years, hiding the results in notebooks or on my lap top. I have poems that I dream of performing or hearing performed, and scripts that I visualise in plays on stage or on television. I see myself collecting awards.
Taking greater control of your mindset will have a significantly positive effect on everything in your life. Believe me. But, most of all, believe yourself!
The way we treat set backs, limitations, other peoples attitudes towards us, are all significant in our approach to success. Some people don't realise they harbour underlying fears, obstacles, limitations or other priorities and modifiers to success. They may feel resentful at their situation or have a sense that there's no point in trying as others are better, more gifted, luckier than they.
Shakespeare immortalised the beauty of a woman in his sonnet: Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Over 400 years later
Accepting it is Tough An unsuccessful IVF cycle can be devastating. So often striving towards a goal of getting pregnant
Take it day by day, believe in yourself and what you are capable of now and will be capable of in the future. Embrace these ideas you won't be able to do anything but succeed and that is freaking awesome!