Nearly 1,000 mine workers were trapped underground when a storm cut off power in the Free State.
The bodies of two miners who had succumbed to their injuries, were found and brought to the surface at the weekend.
The boy fell into the disused mine on Saturday, but the ground it too unstable to send rescue teams underground.
People are angry with President Humala, who they say is in the pocket of Southern Copper: 'Our politicians are corrupt. The president refuses to listen to the protestors because he and others take bribes from the mine'. Another passer-by blames the government: 'My two boys are policemen. The government should make Southern Copper leave. Instead, Humala makes us kill each other.'
A "lost" vein of rare Blue John stone has been rediscovered in a Peak District cavern, solving a 68-year-old mining mystery
More than 800 people may lose their jobs if plans to close the biggest coal mine in the UK go ahead. UK Coal, Britain's biggest
A miner has been killed in an accident at a coal mine in North Yorkshire, while another man has been rescued. Rescue workers