mining charter

The Minister of Mineral Resources has completely misrepresented the intended outcomes of the Mining Charter and the legislation it is based on.
The consistency of the arrogance of government ministers has been a hallmark of the ANC government.
"We want the industry to be competitive and contribute to the economy, so that we can create jobs and get more people involved."
Government and the Chamber of Mines agree to postpone legal challenges to amended mining charter, but co-applicants from affected communities aren't happy.
'The governance of the sector which has become synonymous with the inequality that manifests in broader society has been the preserve of the... elites.'
The Mining Charter was developed as a South African mining and minerals industry guide to effect transformation with respect to its specific targets.
The Chamber of Mines boycotted an event where Mosebenzi Zwane was the keynote speaker.
Pastor Nala says he can "cure" Aids and exorcise the "gay demon", Twitter erupts over Zuma monument and Wits University ditches KPMG.
"Our regulations must be light and clear. The interpretation of rules cannot depend on the goodwill of a government official."
The government has continued to favour profits over people as they seek greater tax and revenue streams from mining.