One thing that we are often told is that we always should strive to be better and in many ways, I agree. Working hard to progress your career, creating goals and attaining them; developing your personality and the way you treat others; all of these things are beneficial to you.
A Norwegian town deprived of sunlight because the shadows of surrounding mountains has erected giant mirrors to bathe its
I have a dream that one day shopping will be made easy. I have vowed never to return to the flat-pack, one-way, pencil pricking, scary store again...not even if it begs and begs to take a chance on me.
Norway may have lush fjords, epic glaciers and incredible mountains but there is one significant thing one town lacks for
Justin Timberlake's comeback album has sold nearly one million units in its first week. Nielsen SoundScan said the singer's
Indiana here is a pug/dachshund mix, and at the time of recording, he was just a few months old. Not old enough to work