Miss America

Miss America has scrapped its swimsuit section, and Miss SA 2017 1st princess, Boipelo Mabe, gave us her insights.
The Miss America pageant will no longer feature a swimsuit competition, ending a tradition widely criticised as misogynistic.
Email messages sent by CEO Sam Haskell contained misogynistic language.
Internal correspondence reveals name-calling, slut-shaming and fat-shaming in emails between the Miss America CEO, board members and a pageant writer.
The Miss America contest took an unexpected turn.
Miss Texas Margana Wood may not have triumphed at the Miss America pageant, but she won over millions of new fans by calling
Miss Georgia was recently named Miss America over in the US, and Jimmy Kimmel noticed some of the questions they get asked
Well, we say 'covers' - but it's more a case of 'investigates'. Because in covering the recent Miss America pageant, John
Miss New York was born in America, in 1989. Being an 'Indian-American' wasn't adequately 'American'. To begin with, she wasn't even a favorite 'dark horse'. In fact, her 'classical Bollywood fusion dance' was being scowled upon. There were reports on some websites discussing how terribly wrong was her decision to dance to a Bollywood song at the talent show.
It would be a real shame if the legacy of Nina Davuluri was the collection of racist tweets that followed shortly after she was crowned Miss America... The reason I say shame, is that America has come a long way in the last few years when it comes to a better, more positive depiction of ethnic minorities.