Miss England

Jodi Eyre was once so crippled by anxiety attacks she was unable to leave the house. Now, however, she is beaming with pride
The incumbent Miss England, student Carina Tyrrell, has just launched her bid to win the 2014 Miss World contest. In the
Model Danielle Tyler, 23, hit headlines a few days ago, after she claimed she was banned from taking part in Miss England
Having been Miss England in 2009, and now being a mother I personally feel that the two roles cannot coincide. Until you actually carry out the role of Miss England, you cannot possibly appreciated how much time is spent on the road, travelling from one place, or even country to another - it's all well and good saying but it's your choice etc but it would not be fair on a child.
Danielle Tyler from Derbyshire is not eligible to enter Miss England, she was never banned . The criteria is set out in advance for anyone entering. She chose not to read the rules of entry. She was never eligible to enter...
What about the less overt misogyny of a culture which judges women on their body first, their face second, their hair third, and their intellect last? It's time we stop justifying pageant contents in the context of them being a way to reach our higher goals. Male medical students wouldn't pose in a swimsuit as a way to achieve great things, so why should female ones.
A Cambridge University student has evidently been lucky enough to be blessed with both beauty and brains after winning a
Glossy pouts, harispray and swimsuit rounds seem a long way from this image of the first international beauty contest in
The development team at Renegade Pictures found Jackie's story in the Metro - world's youngest transsexual to take on Miss England beauty pageant. They got hold of a number, it arrived on my desk, and from the moment Jackie answered I knew she would be great on camera.
A dress made entirely out of human hair has been crafted by a hairdresser. The blonde gown was made from both extensions