mixed martial arts

My whole reason for putting myself back in a competing arena isn't to knock up a victory on my record, (although that would be nice), but to get back into serious completion shape, to once again live in vibrancy and to be full of energy, to embrace life and everything in this glorious world.
UFC fans around the world witnessed a special and unforgettable moment over the weekend. Millions of viewers tuned in to
Mixed martial arts fans spent much of the night, and lots of their hard-earned cash, in anticipation of the weekend's UFC
The last few weeks have been some of the most difficult of my life. I had hoped to stay in contact with you all during my Atlantic crossing, but our communications have suffered and I've been unable to. Our bad luck seemed to be never ending and a lack of email access has been a minor inconvenience in comparison.
At the moment we are travelling at an average of six knots and I can feel the rest of the fleet catching up. Whilst the progress is slow, I think we actually all needed a day like this as it gives us a break from living at a forty-five degree angle and constantly having to climb everywhere...
Brown said: "You're never more proud than when you see your kids do well. It was unbelievable. I was more nervous for my
At BAMMA 15, the main card kicked off with a flyweight contest between German Rany Saadeh and the undefeated Mahmood 'Persian Pride' Besharate.
A new form of brutal, weapons-based mixed martial arts is to be made possible by a modern suit of 'smart' body armour. Australian
When I was 21 I had never competed in any kind of martial art. I came across mixed martial arts (MMA) when a former colleague Jack Mason introduced me to the sport and it changed my life.
As the sport of mixed martial arts, and more specifically the Ultimate Fighting Championship, moves into its third decade, I take this opportunity to examine its origins...