Two years on, Lambo got the same cutthroat treatment from the Chargers, but it was this former soccer goalkeeper who ended up having the last laugh this Sunday...
The fact that he is playing so well and is having such a positive impact, suggests it doesn't really matter if he is too good because he's making an actual contribution, winning trophies and essentially turning himself into a legend at one of the most passionate clubs there is. Why risk all of that for a gamble elsewhere where he could easily be forgotten?
Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry has played his last game for the New York Red Bulls, and many speculate it could be the
Frank Lampard revealed he plans to visit the memorial dedicated to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks after
Frank Lampard has signed for New York City FC, the Major League Soccer franchise have announced. The 36-year-old, who left
When I'm speaking to my friends who are also women in the sport industry, we often find ourselves reflecting that we work in a sector that's predominantly male. It's not a new realisation. And it's not surprising. Sometimes it's a rant, sometimes it's a complaint, and other times it's just an observation of a meeting we had where we were the only woman in the room, or at an event where very few women were present.
Thierry Henry is just another athlete likely to cameo in the Entourage film after the Arsenal posted pictures of himself
David Beckham says he wants to win round opponents of his plans to build a stadium for his new Miami team in the port of
David Beckham finally confirmed he has taken up the option to buy a new Major League Soccer franchise in Miami. The former
Tottenham have confirmed that striker Jermain Defoe is leaving the club to join Major League Soccer side Toronto FC. Rumours