When it comes to that moment when I walk out into the arena, I'll be completely prepared for the fight. The crowd will be much bigger than any I've fought for before, and I'm expecting an electric atmosphere. I can't wait to be a part of it.
In a little under three weeks, I'll be making the final preparations before I step inside the world-famous Octagon to make my debut in my sport's most elite competition - the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
The use of drugs in sport is a highly debated topic and the latest instalment of The Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC
The UFC President is actively going after fighters he believes to be abusing therapeutic use exemption for TRT, which includes more UFC paid-for drugs tests aimed at the likes of middleweight contender Vitor Belfort and light-heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen.
Inside the ring MMA has also evolved and flourished. All pre-conceived conceptions of fighting and combat sports, Kung Fu, heavyweight boxing, were dispelled as early on BJJ triumphed above all and changed everything as we knew it
This week's training has been hard, even more so because it's now the run up to the fight. Here's what I got up to...
This week's training has been really positive and I'm feeling really great with just 2 weeks left to go until my fight against Matt Wiman in Nottingham on 29 September.
Monday consisted of wrestling and grappling during the day, followed by pads in the evening with one of my coaches. Tuesday involved sparring first thing in the morning, followed by drills and Thai pads after. It's definitely the hardest morning of the week in the gym. That evening I went into the gym for wrestling with Mike Grundy.
This week my training has successfully focused on getting everything ready for my upcoming fight. Each week covers many different MMA techniques and general fitness work; this is what I've covered over the last 7 days.
This Saturday is more than just about who will win a title. It is a contest between two best friends turned bitter enemies. For Rashad Evans, it is a chance to show that his old team backed the wrong horse. For Jones, it is another former champion to add to his list of victims.