MMR vaccine

Shaun Weatherby, 26, had mumps last year and was unable to eat because of the swelling and pain. "It's definitely an experience I don’t want to have again," he says.
“Normally this isn’t a problem as the UK used to be measles-free…," said the doctor.
Low uptake for the MMR jab is causing a rise in cases, Downing Street said.
"The measles virus will always find unvaccinated children."
The current MMR vaccine is free for both adults and children.
More than 41,000 cases of measles have been reported in Europe this year, while MMR vaccination rates have fallen.
People are being warned to get the vaccine before going on holiday or to university.
Public Health England has advised adults to check if they've received the vaccination.
'It’s important the film and publicity around it does not divert attention.'