Moammar Gaddafi

Tony Blair penned a letter to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to thank him for the "excellent co-operation" between the
Despite the laughable hypocrisy, the benefits of celebrity environmentalism are obvious, even when they merely regurgitate inoffensive green buzzwords. They draw attention to unnoticed issues. They mobilise people. When they speak, we listen.
British police investigating the Lockerbie bombing are to visit Libya, it was disclosed on Thursday. David Cameron announced
Whether one agrees that Britain should have taken a leading role in the Libyan conflict or not, there are a number of key issues that seem to have been forgotten or simply poorly reported in the mainstream media.
We should be using our political firepower on assisting the political solution and getting Libya's Arab friends and neighbours around the table , and less of our military firepower in pursuing an ever changing 'implied' will of UN SCR 1973.