Mobile Apps

Push alerts are an essential tool for many news organizations to keep readers using their mobile apps regularly. There's a huge opportunity to use push alerts on the desktop too, and incoming updates from Apple and Google will make these notifications even more powerful.
Good news for those planning nefarious deeds - a new £2 app can give military-grade encryption to your mobile calls and texts
A couple of my more enterprising friends have recently asked me about how to build websites and mobile apps for their fledgling businesses. Only a few years ago the answer would have been to find a decent web developer
The dust has settled on the Budget 2013 and the political fallout has been well documented. Putting politics aside and focusing on the actual issues, it's true to say Chancellor George Osbourne's Budget statement contained both positives and negatives as far as the tech industry is concerned.
Perhaps one of the most striking features of WhatsApp is that, unlike other social networks, the users are not the product for sale. The company's founders are vehemently opposed to the idea of introducing any type of advertising onto the platform. You pay to use WhatsApp.
Mobile apps first hit the headlines six years ago when Apple launched the first iPhone and the accompanying App Store. Consumers
People across the world are relying more and more on smartphones to get through their daily lives and stay connected to the world. But as smartphone technology has improved, so too have the apps that make the phones so exciting.
The Financial Times made media headlines in June 2011, when the business paper launched an HTML5 app and began selling subscriptions to readers directly via mobile web, opting to avoid the hefty 30% cut Apple requires for doing business inside its virtual gated community.
Waiting. It's part of our psyche. Wherever and whenever we get the opportunity, in an orderly fashion, we'll get in line and wait.
More than a million apps have been submitted to Apple's iOS App Store, unofficial stats have claimed. Tthe milestone was