Mobile Apps

Smartphones have given us instant access to a range of services from games and maps to taxi booking and banking through apps. With smartphone use increasing, app downloads are only set to increase at the same pace. But as the number of apps and smartphones grow they are becoming an attractive target for the criminal gangs behind PC scams who are looking to expand into mobile.
Brands that adopt mobile first can take advantage of mobile search by building location data into their search results. Google search on mobile already provides results based on the users location for certain key words - such as food, coffee, petrol station - but only if the user has first agreed for Google to use their location.
A service to let users create temporary phone numbers "at the touch of a button" has hit Apple's iOS App Store in the US
Michael Gove, UK education secretary, has finally done the right thing, and realised that IT education in England is ''demotivating and dull". Even better, he's gone one step further and announced an overhaul of the IT National Curriculum, which will focus on web design, computer programming and computer science to reflect todays technological needs.
More than 1bn mobile apps have been downloaded in a week for the first time. The gargantuan download marathon was noted in
The recession has cut charity donations since 2008 in real terms - after adjustment for inflation - to the tune of about £900 million. Philanthropy in the UK has plummeted by almost a third between 2009 and 2010.
It means that I feel more engaged with the piste I'm skiing. I feel more in tune with the gear that I'm wearing. I'm less likely to be damaging the environment that I'm enjoying...and I'm less likely to have my day ruined by a slab of black ice.
In today's global village atmosphere, it's easy to think that we are all citizens of the world and forget that when it comes to running our day to day lives, we are all local creatures.
Apple's iPhone has always allowed you to carry around thousands of songs, TV shows and emails in your pocket. Now, thanks