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Don't buy the cheapest cellphone to use while your iPhone is being mended. You will still need texts and calls. It is sheer hell wondering whether people are texting you and you are missing them. I know...
On receiving a Fellowship at the BFI, Al Pacino said: "If you put any movie on a big screen nowadays, I'll love it. I mean, who wants to watch movies on iPhones? I'm so tired of that." I too love a good night out at the cinema, but he's wrong. Sorry Mr Pacino but millions of people watch films on their mobile devices worldwide, and Video on Demand (VOD) is their preferred choice.
Would you willingly invite a stranger into your bedroom while you're having sex or getting undressed, or into your bathroom while you're on the toilet? I assume the answer is 'No', but this could be the result if a cybercriminal were to hijack the camera on your mobile device.
Digital security is still a relatively unfamiliar issue among university students; what's perhaps worse is that many of them don't even realize how little they know. More than 40 per cent admit not logging out after accessing an online service or having no password protecting their smartphone.
Change is a common process that happens throughout all our lives. It's necessary and important - it has to happen, regardless of what we think. Sometimes, we have no say on what changes and how it does that. It's easier to accept it and change with it.
Today's workforce no longer expects to be kept within the confines of the four walls of the office; people expect to be able to work from home and on the go and if their employers won't provide them with the technology to do so, they'll simply use their own. Unfortunately, this has opened a can of security worms for IT departments worldwide.
With the growth in popularity of social platforms and the ever increasing integration of social media into our internet behaviour, consumers are starting to expect the ability to 'share' everything, including video games. As the industry continues to evolve so too does consumer demand and expectations...
It may be a myth that humans only make use of a small percentage of their brains, but it’s certainly true of their mobile
Email inboxes are highly predictable. Any newsworthy event, whether a natural disaster, major sporting event, or even celebrity gossip inevitably invokes an email from an entrepreneurial individual with unscrupulous principles promising you something of value in exchange for personal information...
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