mobile phone

Police seek the woman who attacked the son of musician Keyon Harrold. She accused the teen of stealing her phone; turned out she left it in a cab.
The new legislation will close a loophole which allowed drivers to escape punishment for taking a photo or playing a game
When is the right age to give your child a phone – and how can you set boundaries?
'This treatment of victims and survivors is not justified, proportionate, in the interests of justice or acceptable.'
Watkins denies one charge of possession of a mobile phone in a prison.
It is hard to be gracious about money being funnelled towards a pointless resource when my face is melting off, writes Poorna Bell.
Christel Stainfield-Bruce was knifed after refusing to hand over her mobile phone.
“Mobile phones and other digital devices such as laptop computers, tablets and smart watches can provide important relevant information and help us investigate what happened."
Staff found the rats had been stitched along their stomachs in the discovery earlier this month.