mobile working

Today's workforce no longer expects to be kept within the confines of the four walls of the office; people expect to be able to work from home and on the go and if their employers won't provide them with the technology to do so, they'll simply use their own. Unfortunately, this has opened a can of security worms for IT departments worldwide.
Today's digital workers want information at their fingertips 24/7. Not only this, but they want the opportunity to use their own gadgets for work purposes. The benefits are twofold: employees can utilise that dead time commuting and travelling to and from meetings and employers can maximise the productivity of their staff.
At the recent launch of new guidance on mental health at work, Health Minister Earl Howe said: "A good working environment is crucial for our wellbeing." But, with three or four generations of people in the workplace - all with different needs and working styles - how can employers create the right environment for everyone?