Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed

Powers to relocate terror suspects to other parts of the country must be revived following the disappearance of an Islamist
A terror suspect who escaped surveillance by dressing in a burka had previously been twice remanded in custody for allegedly
A young man walks into a community center, he's a terror suspect and yet he doesn't know why or what the evidence against
This week Theresa May was forced to come to the Commons and tell MPs that suspected terrorist Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed had absconded from his TPIM order, his whereabouts now unknown. When asked any questions about this though it is not answers the Home Secretary provides but many many more questions get raised.
Most of us do the right thing, most of the time. People like Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed need to be put back under a Control Order so tight it chafes. Most of all they need to sit down, shut up and behave.
First he gave the authorities the slip by dressing up in a burka. Now it turns out terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed
The escape of terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed under a burka on Monday was not facilitated by the mosque from which
A Somali terror suspect has given the authorities the slip by dressing in a burka. A nationwide hunt is underway for Mohammed