Mohammed Emwazi

Despite constant coverage of ISIS, known by their Arabic name as Daesh, Western media has overlooked the fact that a large proportion of their victims are ordinary Sunni Muslims - the very people they claims to represent. By doing this they are unwittingly aiding the narrative that Daesh is representing all Muslims against the West.
Islamic State media confirmed on Tuesday the death of British extremist Mohammed Emwazi, better known as “jihadi John.” The
An Islamic State militant with a British accent mocks “imbecile” David Cameron and his "handful of planes” in a propaganda
A controversial group has blamed Britain for 'Jihadi John', saying his "journey" to becoming a sadistic killer started here
Alan Henning’s daughter found out about his murder after seeing photos on Instagram, she has revealed. Lucy Henning stumbled
An American drone strike has targeted the British Islamic State executioner ‘Jihadi John’ and officials believe "with a high
We would rather believe Jihadi John was always evil. He always wanted to behead people. Bomb others. Burn innocents. To argue otherwise is to be an apologist for terrorism, it makes you "part of the problem". And thus the parameters of discussion are severely constrained; a large chunk of freedom of expression is eroded by baseless stigma.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond hit out at "apologists" for Islamist terrorism who tried to blame Britain's intelligence
Jihadi John suspect Mohammed Emwazi was refused entered to Tanzania in 2009 because he was "very drunk," it has been reported
Allen Dart wrote: “You are a very deluded man! No matter how corrupt or failed society is it can NEVER be an excuse to decapitate