Mohammed Emwazi

Boris Johnson got involved in an angry exchange with Asim Qureshi from the advocacy group Cage this morning, over suggestions
Boris Johnson has said he wants to scrap the Tpim terrorism prevention system introduced by the coalition and bring back
'Jihadi John' as a boy growing up in Kensington Kuwait-born Londoner Emwazi had been pinpointed as a potential terrorist
The man identified as the Islamic State (IS) murderer "Jihadi John" emailed a journalist before he fled to begin his reign
Schoolteachers of the Islamic State militant 'Jihad John' have revealed he received 'anger therapy at school, and also confirmed
Those who assert that there is no connection with the West's foreign policy and the cancer of IS as its reach spreads ever wider throughout the Middle East are either ignorant or mendacious.
A school yearbook published by the Daily Mail from when Emwazi was 10 years old saw him claim to be a fan of the sugary pop
Since "Jihadi John" - real name Mohamed Emwazi - graduated in 2009 from the University of Westminster, the anti-extremism
The advocacy group CAGE has drawn staunch criticism for attempting to pin the blame for the radicalisation of 'Jihadi John
Sir Menzies Campbell, a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), said the parliamentary committee was likely