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Thousands of Monarch passengers are still stranded abroad two weeks after the UK’s fifth biggest airline went into administration
Chancellor Philip Hammond said this week that a "no deal" Brexit could suspend flights between Britain and the EU. His comments reflect the genuine uncertainty faced by an industry which will soon start selling flight tickets for April 2019. The Government and many on the Tory backbenches are in denial about how much they are harming the aviation sector. Conservative policies are damaging UK business.
So, an airline has collapsed in a world where we all seem to be enduring a very bumpy ride. It may come to symbolise more, as will the Grenfell fire tragedy and an apparent disregard for fundamental food safety. But one small lesson to start from might be that we cannot expect to keep delivering more for less money.
Monarch passengers with Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (Atol) protection should receive refunds within 28 days of making
'Let's not forget people have lost their jobs two months before Christmas.'
Monarch workers who woke up on Monday to find themselves jobless have slammed the UK’s aviation regulator as “disgusting
'Former Monarch workers are out of pocket and out of a job.'
Britain’s biggest union is launching legal action on behalf of the scores of Monarch staff left “high and dry” when the airline