The gift I want to give the new born prince is one of equality with the common people. I want them to be free to choose their own religion, marry whom they will and choose their own career without causing an abdication crisis. That they have no duties to defend an established status quo but are at liberty to think for themselves...
Not everyone has been filled with joy at news of the Royal Baby, as anti monarchists say broadcasters are "disgracing themselves
Click here for a live feed from the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is giving birth After some handy stats to impress
With a royal baby on the way, there's no better time to avoid all newspapers brush up one's historical knowledge of the British
The Queen has been handed an inflation-busting five per cent pay rise - the day after £11.5bn of spending cuts were announced
Edward VIII was secretly bugged during the final days before his abdication on the order of his own ministers, according
A facial reconstruction of King Richard III is going on display in Leicester's Guildhall on the first stop of a nationwide
The main reason, in fact, the only reason why the BBC has chosen to prioritise the royals, throughout the Duchess's pregnancy, throughout her marriage to Prince William, throughout the jubilee, is because it is pandering to the right-wing media, of which it is absolutely and permanently petrified.
It seems there has never been a better time to head outside and start digging up your local car park. Since the bones of Richard III were exhumed in Leicester last summer, archaeology has become more exciting than even two decades of Channel 4's Time Team could have dreamed.
Lord Prescott has suggested the Queen may be "overburdening" herself and should consider abdicating. Writing in the Sunday
At the moment academic literature on the Arab Spring fixates on the monarchical exceptionalism argument - that is, the tendency for Arab monarchies to largely avoid the conflict of the Arab Spring (while Arab authoritarian regimes have been overthrown).
I recently wrote on this site that, in reference to the recently published photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, pregnant and on holiday, that '...our morbid fascination with this bizarre, ordinary family invests them with a sort of inverted dignity just by them doing and saying nothing of real consequence.' I didn't expect such a vivid illustration to present itself so soon.
So we have received the news that Richard III fans have been waiting for. The skeletal remains found last year in Greyfriars car park in my Leicester South constituency are indeed those of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England.
Republicans have reacted with horror to the revelation that the Queen and the Prince of Wales exercise their power to veto
Pippa Middleton may not be an official member of the royal family, but a US TV show is desperate to get her to become their
Top secret dresses for meetings with James Bond, no hats after 6pm and jackets embroidered by indigenous north Americans
The government has been accused of orchestrating a "royal cover-up" after it vetoed the publication of letters sent to ministers
The motion to abolish the monarchy won the vote in the end and sense won out.
The BBC has apologised for reporting that the Queen raised concerns about radical cleric Abu Hamza, after security correspondent
Why exactly are the vast majority in favour of the monarchy in this age of democracy? Has the Queen brainwashed the entire nation? Economically, there seems to be no need for a monarch.