Money Laundering

The Guptas have so far failed to appear before Indian authorities despite previous summonses being issued.
The Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill currently going through Parliament gives ministers the chance to act quickly and decisively, if they accept Labour’s demands to take it
A company accused of being a conduit for the money that ultimately landed in Makwakwa's bank account has been hired to improve debt collection at Sars, Scorpio reports.
The messages suggest that Elliott Broidy tried to use his influence with the Trump administration for personal gain.
Three more instances of apparent money laundering involving the Guptas have been discovered, while KPMG was auditing the firms involved.
The anti-apartheid activist has handed transcripts of the Gupta's banking transactions with HSBC to UK authorities.
Black South Africans were used in the Vrede Dairy Farm project as a front for a scheme of grand corruption and money laundering, he said as he handed in an indictment at Hawks headquarters.
The RegTech Revolution and Why it Matters It may be far from the theatrical thrill of the great train robbery or the sheer
Reports say the bank is closing the Gupta accounts to comply with banking rules.
Without hyperbole, this really would be a threat to our way of life, replacing the current inadequate system of financial regulation and beleaguered public services with a Wild West of low regulation, low taxation, minimal public services and no questions asked for international finance. Labour will tackle this cancer, even if the Tories won't.