Money Laundering

The FIC Bill empowers Africa to grow its economies by ending looting. I don’t understand how a Pan-Africanist like you can be against it.
"We did not move into the temple today because there are too many people and we did not receive orders to do so."
Maybe it will be best if the Constitutional Court decides about contentious issues in a crucial bill that seeks to combat financial crimes, like money-laundering, a senior ANC MP suggests.
The question is, why?
By most objective analysis, corruption is not as bad in the UK as in some parts of the world; but it is much more profound in the UK than many people understand or admit. Perhaps the biggest danger for the UK is complacency.
HSBC is being investigated by Swiss prosecutors Peter Oborne quit the Daily Telegraph in sensational style last night, accusing
Leading finance ministers met in Berlin last week to begin the process of adopting a new global standard for the automatic exchange of tax information.
In the often opaque world of international relations, from time to time a situation comes along which, whilst not earth shattering by itself, sheds a spotlight on how the international system works and the need for reform .
The UK deserves huge credit for choosing to create a public register of companies' owners in the first place. If implemented in an effective and enforceable way, the register will set an important precedent for the rest of the world to follow. It also gives David Cameron's letter to Europe a lot of credibility. But what the UK does in relation to its Overseas Territories also affects that credibility.
The owner of League Championship football side Birmingham City has been found guilty of money laundering by the Hong Kong