The notion that Liverpool were to become the beacon of sabermetrics in the football world has been all but extinguished. The chief dampener came in the form of several high-profile signings by the club which have flown in the face of the system's principles, such as Andy Carroll.
Businesses inevitably have to wake up to new technologies and adopt them to keep abreast with the changing times. we have seen more and more businesses, including restaurants, seek to mine the sea of data available to them both internally as well out in the virtual world.
Despite the best efforts of an experienced cast, the performances can't save Trouble With the Curve from its troublesome script.
Jonah Hill has succeeded in doing what lies beyond the reach of many actors before him - transforming himself physically
Moneyball co-stars Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are to reteam for a new movie about New York Times journalist Michael Finkel
Moneyball star Jonah Hill may have been championed for his dramatic weight loss, but it looks like the pounds are creeping
James Moran's job is to watch films so you don't have to - and he doesn't even watch them, so everyone's happy. This week, he uses his no-compromises, no-facts approach to preview some upcoming releases for 2012.
More often than not the Oscars get it vaguely right and if they don't it's not usually that bad. That an artfully-inclined arthouse flick about a king with a speech impediment made $400 million worldwide is testament to the power of Oscar buzz.
George Clooney is having a VERY good awards season. Still celebrating his Golden Globe win as Best Actor in a Drama for his
"He operates by the rules and she operates by her own code of what's right and wrong. I don't think that makes her vengeful