Moon landing

The 12 men who landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 are essentially immortal. Now you can go one better - in a sense
The Moon landings were not a hoax. Not everyone agrees. Despite clearly having happened, because of the fact that we can
Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon on 21 July 1969. So did Buzz Aldrin. So did 10 other people after that. Humans have been
Apollo 11 landed on the Moon 45 years ago this weekend - but it's sometimes all to easy to forget that this amazing thing
Man first walked on the Moon in the early hours of the morning (UTC) on 21 July 1969. That's 45 years ago. Apollo 11 was
NASA is back with a vengeance. After years of unmanned missions to other planets it looks like the organisation that put
A few years ago, Qinetiq, a leading defence company, built a small unmanned aircraft to take pictures of its hot air balloon record attempt.
A remastered, stabilised clip of Nasa's Apollo 16 astronauts driving a Lunar Rover on the Moon back in 1972 has brought renewed
China has successfully landed on the Moon. The unmanned Chang'e 3 lander touched down on the Lunar surface on Saturday, becoming
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