moors murderers

Ian Brady could be showing early signs of dementia, his mental health advocate has said. Jackie Powell said the behaviour
Moors murderer Ian Brady only comes out of his room at night and shuns contact with others believing them beneath him - but
Infamous child-killer, Ian Brady, has called his crimes an "existential exercise" that are "petty" compared to politicians
A documentary on the life of Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley could shed new light on the bid to find the remains
Moors murderer Ian Brady's mental health advocate will not be charged over allegations she failed to tell the police about
Arguments to 'bring back the death penalty' and 'not give Brady what he wants' are flawed by their motivation. Hanging a noose round Brady's neck or shoving a tube into Brady's stomach just because we're angry isn't good enough. Emotion should never be given a place in law.
Ian Brady's mental health advocate has told police she gave a letter in which he apparently reveals the location of one of
The film-maker behind the Channel 4 documentary that has unearthed a potentially vital clue in the Moors Murders has condemned
Even if Ian Brady's letter reveals the exact location of Keith Bennett's body, the chances of finding the remains of the
Keith's mother Winnie is very unwell. Her son's body has been missing for over 47 years Last month Mrs Johnson's solicitor