Blue Bloods is a CBS-produced TV drama - now in its third season - airing on Sky Atlantic in the UK, which typifies the successful formula used to create a top-rating series stateside.
There will always be times that journalism tests and even breaks the law: whether to expose corrupt MPs by buying stolen data or to unveil royal hypocrisy by procuring a transcript of an adulterous phone conversation.
A lot of comedy is about confronting taboos, death, sex, religion, etc, etc, Monty Python wrote a song and a sketch based on a crucifixion, not generally a subject seen as ripe for comedy but now considered a comedy classic.
How much will our everyday behaviour and speech be forced to change? There's no telling of course, but we're definitely on the upswing of the pendulum.
Read any biography of a great man or woman and you will almost always find evidence of the ruthlessness, cruelties and immoralities that arose from their single-minded pursuit of greatness.
Ruthless businessmen and women are living divided lives, leaving the high moral values they hold at home with their families
A survey published this week found more young people turning away from religion, believing that the definition of being "moral
Young people believe that being moral is looking after your family rather than taking part in religion, a survey has shown
In a developing country like mine, Zambia, the need for this money is even more vital. Life expectancy is 48, adult illiteracy is at 35% and the infant mortality rate is nearly 20%. On top of that we are also suffering the effects of climate change, water-borne diseases and malnourishment.
The moral chaos of the financial services industry is throwing up some interesting cultural findings. Among these is a recent report by corporate governance experts, Labaton Sucharow, showing that a quarter of the financial services executives they polled believed that unethical or illegal conduct might be required for professional success.