In the study of economic decision-making the Ultimatum Game is an illustration of the unpredictability of human behaviour, value judgement, and the role and importance, therein, of morality.
Crime is not a given amongst young people. Most young people will move through adolescence and into adulthood with at the most a few minor infractions under their belts. Crime involvement peaks in mid adolescence, and then decreases and ceases for the vast majority of those involved.
Jimmy Carr is a man who has done nothing illegal. He used a loophole - a complicated and sophisticated but wholly legal loophole - to avoid paying tax on a huge proportion of the wealth he earns from trotting out snazzy one-liners. Should we, as so many on the left urge us to, immediately leap to legislate away aforementioned loophole? No.
What's all this bullshit over comedian Jimmy Carr paying 1% tax on his millions by exploiting a perfectly legal tax loophole?
Last week, a report by The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges (the body that represents all of the UK's doctors) cited "irresponsible marketing" by major food and drinks brands as a key contributor to the obesity epidemic.
Recent research by a leading philosopher has revealed that women are more moral than men – and it's ladies over 30 who are
As an author, activist and crackhead struggling for the emancipation of the drug addicted, I must remain cognizant of how not all addicts are the same. We have different personalities, with as many variations as can be found in the general population.
The amalgamation of three current events makes this question perhaps more salient than ever. Primarily it's the Christmas
On 15 November, America officially left Iraq - mission accomplished, the war is over. While pondering the rights and wrongs of the intervention in Iraq, I heard about Sam Main a young Scottish student who was thrown of the Edinburgh to Perth train by the 'Big Man' for not having a ticket.
So there we are. The jingoism of the bulldog in Brussels last week gives way to religious supremacy and moral hectoring in Oxford this. Our prime minister - even by his own high standards - is on a roll of outlandish arrogance and spectacular hypocrisy.