Alex had been right about the hood. 'Driving through Glen Coe in a convertible is an amazing experience,' he'd told us. 'In a convertible you can smell things like the heather, the wild garlic. In a regular saloon you're cut off from all that. With the hood down you're out in the open, enjoying the fresh air.'
I had the honour of visiting this remarkable family run factory to experience how these cars are made, all crafted by hand, with expert skill, patience and love. Wood is held in brackets with glue to achieve the curved designs, moulds are suction formed, aluminium is hand tapped and crafted.
EastEnders' loud-mouthed Bianca Butcher has told a lot of lies during her 19 years on and off the Square, but tonight she
Let's face it, India has a Formula One race because it has potential for economic growth, marketing appeal and someone over there had a wad of cash to invest in a purpose-built circuit in the Noida region in which to hold an inaugural race. Dust, dogs, bats, mice and more all congealed to make last Sunday's race one for the history books.