I made my living for many years as a negotiator, in employee relations, then as a consultant and trainer in negotiation and
The Scottish Tories, by any criteria, are in deep trouble. They have one MP at Westminster, and his seat is now set to disappear
One well-established method to examine fundamental ethical questions is to pose imagined ethical dilemmas and discuss them Nick Boles MP offered a fatuous and increasingly irascible
FACTS AND BELIEFS - SHARED AND PERSONAL Let's start with a few facts, ones that are accepted as fact - I hope - across the
The Scotsman is in no doubt what the big story is today - Megrahi's death bed 'confession'. It puts confession in quotes
When I was a child in Glasgow, a clout was something I was regularly threatened with, and often received. Never from my parent
The Herald and The Scotsman are both panicking about the SNP Government's measures to combat the twin - and related - Scottish
I had hoped to bring you a YouTube video today, with Ed Miliband's conference speech bit on "I am not Tony Blair - but he's
The speed of light is big news, thanks to the particle physicists at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. I had a bit of fun