Morrissey has been invited to run for mayor of London by the Animal Welfare Party in the city's upcoming election, according
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for is here - former 'Smiths' crooner Morrissey has released his
Morrissey has clashed with Universal Records, accusing them of throwing the brakes on his plans to release a tribute single
How is it possible that the greatest lyricist that ever lived could come up with something that reads like the GCSE creative writing coursework of a morbid teenager who has just inhaled an entire thesaurus?
Two years after the release of his autobiography - which was imaginatively-titled, ‘Autobiography’ - Morrissey has turned
Spoof band The Iain Duncan Smiths have recorded a version of a Smiths classic poking fun at David Cameron's alleged entanglement
Morrissey has revealed graphic details of an alleged sexual assault he claims to have suffered at the hands of a security
Spoof band The Iain Duncan Smiths has recorded a version of a Smiths classic satirising the Government controversy over faked
Morrissey has never been backwards at coming forwards when it comes to expressing his more extreme opinions, but he appears
PFI mistake? So are there other areas where Labour went too far, like PFI hospitals, as Jeremy Corbyn suggests? "In other