Mortgage Crisis

Photo Credit: Pixabay Home ownership is still a relatively new innovation in the UK, as is applying for a mortgage. Before
Nearly one in three young adults planning to buy their first home have had to move back in with their parents in order to
A cancer sufferer declared victory last week, after bailiffs who turned up to evict him were forced to retreat when 500 strangers
When the recession hit, it wiped out livelihoods and decimated entire markets. In the face of a global slump, Britain's housing sector was no exception; buyers couldn't afford to buy and builders couldn't afford to build. Over the course of several years, the pace of the property market dropped from jet stream to tumbleweed and the UK was left with an increasingly problematic housing deficit.
House prices are rising rapidly in the UK at an annual rate of 10.5 percent. House price inflation is particularly high in
The Council for Mortgage Lenders have announced a glowing increase in mortgage activity year-on-year for March. Does this represent a storm of people rushing for funding before the Mortgage Market Review ("MMR") provisions came in or is this a representation of how there is an air of financial confidence and prudence in the minds of sellers and buyers alike?
Mortgage brokers like to know who they're lending to before handing over the money to help you buy a house, going as far
In last week's autumn statement, Chancellor George Osborne was able to showboat the supposed successes of his austerity-driven financial agenda and renew his increasingly unlikely commitment towards balancing Britain's topsy-turvy budget. Yet while he's busy fritting away government assets and liabilities at break-neck speed, Mr Osborne appears keen to ignore a major housing crisis looming just over the horizon. It won't be pretty.
It's not hard to see why the Tories are frantically shoving their new shared equity scheme down the nation's throat. After all, the tagline is fantastic: 'cheap mortgages for hard-working people'. At first glance, Help to Buy comes off as some sort of humongous victory for the common man... As always, it only takes a tiny sprinkle of historical context to kill the dream.
David Cameron is to defy warnings of a new housing bubble and bring forward controversial state-backed mortgages as part