The Islamic State has posted a video online purporting to show a young boy killing an Israeli-Arab accused of spying for
This latest episode will capture the public's imagination - as a good spy story always does - and will threaten to impact the reputation of not only the intelligence services involved, but also their governments.
The Church of England has banned one of its vicars from all social media and taking part in any anti-Israel activities after
A Church of England vicar is under investigation after purportedly posting an article on his Facebook suggesting Israel had
Why are so many of my fellow Muslims so gullible and so quick to believe bonkers conspiracy theories? How have the pedlars of paranoia amassed such influence within Muslim communities? When will credulous Muslims stop leaning on the conspiracy crutch? We blame sinister outside powers for all our problems - extremism, despotism, corruption and the rest - and paint ourselves as helpless victims rather than indepen­dent agents.
It sounds like an absurd rant on Facebook or a tinpot blog with a minuscule following, but the conspiracy theory that either
As the search for the doomed Malaysian Airlines plane enters its fourth day, officials basically know precisely nada. No
For 27 years, Vanunu has been deprived of his liberty - for blowing the whistle, for telling the truth. It is a moral and geopolitical disgrace. We cannot afford, in good conscience, to forget the plight of Israel's Snowden. To quote the Northern Irish Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire: "We cannot be free while he is not free."
George Osborne’s cat Freya is facing accusations of being a Chinese spy – after being frequently spotted in highly sensitive
Correction: Our article on 16 May reported on speculation that the release by Wikileaks of a redacted cable from the US Embassy