New Year is the season for new commitments and new failures to see our commitments through. We begin well and mid-way through January we seek out those who abandoned their resolve early and use them as an excuse to do the same. It's too easy not to do what you say you really want to do.
What is it that you'd really love to achieve? Lose weight? Make more money? Get a new job? Quit smoking? The other evening
It is not uncommon for your child to hate at least one of their lessons or one of their teachers. Children generally hate
Children are growing up in an increasingly technological world. Think back to how much has changed in the last 10 years and we can not possibly imagine what life will be like for our youngest children by the time they leave school.
I've been prompted to write this as the slow return to Work, School, College and University begins and I keep hearing mention of the blues!
Everyone has their own Everest in life and there are some women in this world who are overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges every day of their lives
While thousands of miles away I'm glued to the US debt ceiling debate. Not because it's particularly interesting but because the unfolding situation, still pretty much in its infancy, will have a direct and lasting impact on the place I was born, the place I grew up and all the places, institutions and communities I now work with to improve.
The personal growth industry is built on the idea that we can get fired up by a walk-on-coals weekend seminar or a new book and then radically change our life. Most of us have been 'motivated' in this way, and I'm not saying it's bad. But what tends to happen? A couple of weeks after the big epiphany we go back to our normal selves and the life we had before.