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Yet football exists in such an otherworldly situation it would be pretty much pointless to try and bring it down to earth by drawing it level with the rules or attitudes of any other sport. Instead, if we are truly looking to improve football, there is only one cultural medium so wildly inflated with money it could be compared to the maligned national game - the film industry.
Pegida plans to hold its first UK rally in Newcastle upon Tyne on 28 February A statement posted on the NUFC Fans website
As Cardiff City, West Bromwich Albion and Tottenham Hotspur prepare for Christmas chaos rather than cheer, it is easy to forget that Newcastle United were the club in turmoil at the beginning of this most remarkable of Premier League seasons.
It's not good enough, though, for these clubs simply survive. Despite both having had relegations in their recent history, they should be well-established Premier League clubs. They now need to make sure this is a one-off, and the mistakes of this season are not repeated.