Have the snor that doesn't bore.
There are plenty of grooming tips on the internet, but how do you know which ones you actually need to use? Step in GQ editors
Sure, there are other characters in the sophomore season of HBO's True Detective, but it's the battle between Detective Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and his moustache that offers the most gut-wrenching relationship.
When you live high in rainforest canopies with other closely related species, what you do need to recognise is your own kind, for breeding and other social purposes. Could Hipsters be trying to stand out in the city jungle as a different species?
The World Beard and Moustache Championships took place in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday - and as a result, we now know who
I am taking part in Movember - the charity moustache-growing campaign in aid of Prostate Cancer UK - but I've chosen to wear a false "wing commander's" model rather than adorn my upper lip with the genuine item... What David Cameron and my colleagues, let alone Labour, will say, remains to be seen.
Just when we thought we couldn't love Commander Chris Hadfield more... he makes this. Yes, just click play above to enjoy
Gentlemen! Need a bit of Movember motivation (geddit?!)? Check out our reworking of an Earth, Wind & Fire classic... (Made
"Every year my buddies from college and I get together to have a 'Man Weekend'," explains the man who posted these photos
Hitler. Genghis Khan. Stalin. Yes, some of history's greatest moustache-wearers were also, unfortunately, some its least