So it's this time of the year again, when the leaves fall, the humid wind is dominating the atmosphere and a sweet melancholy
As we head into "Movember" the unofficial male month of the year it's important we direct our energy towards men's issues and the difficulties men might face during their lifetime. From suicide to racism, slavery to discrimination towards under-privileged white men, Movember is a fantastic opportunity to explore topics that affect so many...
Writing this blog has given me the opportunity to think quite a lot about it and, my honest answer, God knows! I like that there are so many variations of what a real man is now, I like that we have baking shows on television and two of the top three contestants are men, I like that our role as men is not defined and it looks like it will forever evolve and very much for the better.
Craig Nash, 33, a bouncer and dad-of-two from Morecambe, Lancashire recreating Daniel Craig's confidence in his iconic blue
It was nine years ago today that I said goodbye to him for that last time, after making a difficult decision to get on my scheduled flight from Osaka back to Manchester. I did that knowing that I would never see him again. The knowledge of how lucky he was to have her and her care for him is my comfort. And that's all I need.
With Movember well and truly over for another year, YouTuber Mehdi Sadaghdar has provided this delightfully informative video
When someone close to you says they're 'feeling down' or 'depressed', common responses include 'chin up' and 'look on the bright side'. If you have an anxiety disorder or depression however, these often sincere words of encouragement sound meaningless. At worst, they reinforce the fear that you are different from those around you.
One of the most dreaded parts of getting tested for prostate cancer is the biopsy, which is done with a transrectal ultrasound
As with Movember moustache blindness, the more you see anything, the less you notice it. Whether it's an incredible piece of architecture you walk past every day, the arrow in the Fed Ex logo, or a person in your office presenting the symptoms of a mental health problem, it's easy to just stop noticing. Fittingly then, Movember this year has a renewed focus on mental health.
Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer found in men in the UK. Each year over 40,000 men are diagnosed with