Movement for Democratic Change

In the end, Tsvangirai’s long absence engendered a leadership crisis and void.
They have done little to honour the man who veteran Zimbabwean journalist Peta Thornycroft remembers did more than anyone.
Do the right thing, and honour the great man.
"It is very unfortunate that South Africa decided to grant her diplomatic immunity."
 The former prime  minister slammed the country's central bank for introducing the bond notes saying they were not the solution to the country's liquidity problems.
What did the African Union think of this? Did it call out Mugabe's henchmen for their brazen cheating? Not a bit. It gave a blithe thumbs-up to the election, with the head of the AU observer mission, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, declaring them "free, honest and credible".
Foreign Secretary William Hague today commended the people of Zimbabwe for holding peaceful presidential polls, but voiced