Movie Posters

Just when you thought Donald Trump's presidential campaign couldn't get any dumber... Sarah Palin pops up to endorse him
Somebody give The Shiznit an Oscar! Yes, the site is continuing its fine tradition of Photoshopping the posters for films
A tip of the hat to Malaysian artist Jaemy Choong, who by his own admission "plays with movie postcards". And does so to
In which Jamie Jones takes quotes from one-star reviews on Amazon and adds them to film posters - to suitably hilarious effect
For over 20 years, I was a vintage movie poster dealer; owner of The Reel Poster Gallery and consultant for Christies, London. I curated movie poster exhibitions worldwide and published several books on movie posters. Throughout this time I was constantly asked, 'What is my favourite poster?'
If we're in a position where giants like Spielberg and George Lucas can't get their flicks onto the screen, then we're not in a good place.
A tip of the hat today to for this marvellous series: Honest Disney Movies. Yes, as TheFW points out, "beneath
A tip of the hat to redditor shystone for this really very marvellous collection of movie poster images... with a difference
You might never have wondered what it would be like if Clint Eastwood had played Wolverine or Leonard Nimoy got the part of John McClane in Die Hard. I know I haven't. But nevermind, it's already been done for us and the results are intriguingly good.